We want the utilization of crypto currencies to be a normal thing like any other. So because of that we introduced “CFI Utility Token ecosystem”. In this ecosystem we are introducing the three main Products.

NFT Marketplace

In our NFT Marketplace, we aim to cover a wide range of categories to accommodate all forms of art and ideally every sector imaginable. Since there are already top-notch NFT markets in operation, our goal is to create a platform capable of hosting a massive and ever-expanding collection. To achieve this, we are starting with a broad list of categories because users will be contributing their collections, which can be quite diverse.



This module is for anyone who wants to run ads about their companies, services, products, runs any kind of campaign or ANYTHING, you name it. They should be able to log into their account, select pre-tailored packages based on any space they need, pay for it, fill 100% customized space, and publish it.

Their ad/promo will run based on whatever package they choose and this algorithm repeats and rotates it self automatically until and unless we stop taking more orders, in. Publishers should be able to see real time analytics for their activities on our platform for their own records.

Crypto Academy

As an institutional grade Fintech Company, the plan is to present a high class crypto academy that offers well put and thoughtful knowledge by professional publishers. The ultimate goal is provide an environment for people so they get to learn about crypto in full depth. For that reasons, we need solid stance from the beginning. The ultimate plan is to ensure we have fantastic materials being showcased on our system at all times. Awareness for people and monetization for the company.